How to fix your body cells deficiency at the cellular level.

Healthy Body Cell:- food nutrients get in, waste get out easily.

To fix implies that something crucial is missing,in this case food nutrients from the whole grain,the protective lipids and steroids have been stripped from whole grain by the milling industry in other to increase their shelf life.

Lipids and steroids are critical components of our cell membranes and are needed to ensure the transportation of nutrients into and waste out of the cells, unfortunately  grain processing strips away the outer nutrient-dense layer that provide lipids, steroids and other vital nutrients from foods,this lead to inefficiency at the cellular level, leaving you feeling tired and sluggish as well.

If your body cells membranes are starved of vital nutrients (lipids and steroids) they become inflexible and can’t perform their critical Functions.

Whole grain lipids and steroids allow your cell membranes to become their flexible best, making it easier for nutrients to get in and waste to get out.

When the right nutrients are present in the diet,overall growth and development, nutrients utilization efficiency and cardiovascular development improved.

🔹 What happens when wheat is refined.

Refining wheat creates fluffy flour that make light,airy breads and pastries, but the process stripes away more than half of wheat’s B-Vitamins and vitually all the fiber, although some nutrients may be added back by fortification, other health promoting components of the whole grain such as phyto-chemicals can’t be replaced.

Eating  whole grains in their whole forms such as brown rice, barley,oats,corn and rye, are healthy choice because they pack in the nutritional benefits of whole grain without any additional ingredients added after milling.

🔹 The relationship between whole grain, disease and good health.

Various studies show that there is a close connection between whole grains and better health.

A study of over 786,000 individuals found that people who ate 70 grams/day of whole grains, compared with those who eat little or no whole grains,had a 22% lower risk of total mortality,23% lower risk of cardiovascular disease mortality and a 20% lower risk of cancer mortality.

Another report from the lowa Women’s health study linked whole grain consumption with fewer deaths from inflammatory and infectious causes such as guot, asthma, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease,rhematold arthritis and neurodegenerative disease, compared with women who rarely or never ate whole grain foods.

🔹 Whole grain and type 2 diabetes.

Try replacing refined grains with whole grains and eating at least 2 servings of whole grain daily may help to reduce type 2 diabetes risk,the fiber, nutrients and phyto-chemicals in whole grain may improve insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism, slow the absorption of food, prevent blood sugar spikes.

In contrast refined grains tend to have a high glycemic index and glycemic load with less fiber and nutrients.

A large study to figure this out was taking with 72,000 postmenopausal Women without diabetes at the start of the study found that the higher the intake of whole grain the greater the risk reduction of type 2 diabetes. A 43% reduced risk was found in women eating the highest amount of whole grain,2 or more servings daily,as compared with those who ate no whole grains.

🔹 Whole grain and cardiovascular disease.

Eating whole grain instead of refined grain substantial lower total cholesterol, low-density   lipoprotein (LDL or bad) cholesterol, triglycerides and insulin levels.

A study to show women who ate 2 to 3 servings of whole grain products each day,  30% were    less likely to have a heart attack or die from heart disease over a 10 years period than Women who ate less than 1 serving per week.

🔹 whole grain and digestive health.

By keeping the stool soft and bulky,the fiber in whole grain help prevent constipation,it also helps prevent diverticular disease (diverticulosis) decreasing pressure in the intestines.[*]

study of 170,776 Women follow for more than 26 years looked at  the effect of different dietary fibers including that from whole grains,on Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis,though a reduced risk of Crohn’s disease was found in those eating high intake of fruit fiber, there was no reduced risk of either disease found from eating whole grains.

🔹 Whole grain and cancer disease.

A large 5 years study [*].[*] among nearly 500,000 men and women suggests that eating whole grain but not refined grain offers modest protection against colorectal cancer.

A review of four large studies [ *]. [*] also showed a protective effect of the whole grain from colorectal cancer with a cumulative risk reduction of 21%.[*]

🔹The health benefits of whole grains.

Here are the summary of what to expect from whole grains.
🔸A rich source of fiber.
🔸 They help digestion.
🔸 They can help to lower cholesterol.
🔸 They lower blood pressure.
🔸 They help to redistribute fat
🔸They can help to control weight.
🔸 They help regulate blood sugar.
🔸A good source of B- Vitamins.
🔸 they deliver essential minerals.
🔸 They may help to reduce asthmatic risk.
🔸 They may help to lower cancer risk.
🔸 They may help to protect the teeth and gums.
🔸 They make us feel full for a long time.

What you put into your mouth is either making  or unmaking you,eat consciously,eat to live for 120 years, it’s your health human-right to demand for a diet rich in whole food nutrients found in:

🔹 Whole grains.
🔹 Fruits and vegetables.
🔹And healthy fish.

Until we meet again in the next article,see you on top.

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