How to feed your body cells with whole grain to enhance your daily energy expenditure|financial health matter (part 5).

The health benefits of whole grain.

Everyone knows that it’s difficult to spend what you don’t have,it only make sense to use what is easily available, this saying equally applies to our health, what we put into our body cells today determine what we get out of them tomorrow.

This simple law on Healthy living state that: whatever we sow on our health today determine what we reap from it tomorrow,in other words the level of our health investment (through the right quality nutrients) into our body system, determines the health profit we get out of it.

It is about time we began to mind what we put into our body system as diet in other to get the very best out and maximize the possibility of good health.

This health formula is simply enough but easy to ignore: feed your cells with the right nutrients to get the best out of them, remember that you spend less when you are healthy.

🔹 Choose whole grains instead of refined grains.

Whole grains offer a complete package of health benefits unlike refined grains which have been stripped of valued nutrients in the refining process.

The whole grain kernels contain tree most important parts:

🔹The bran.

🔹The germ.

🔹And the endosperm.

Each of these sections contain health promoting nutrients that are indispensable for our cells growth and their vital development,let us briefly take a closer look at what is packed inside the kernels,so that you can see for yourself the important nutrients that are packaged inside the whole grain.

🔹The bran:-which happens to be the fiber-rich outer layer that is the warehouse for B vitamins,iron, copper,zinc, magnesium, antioxidants and phyto-chemicals.

The phyto-chemicals are the natural chemical compounds in plants that have been researched for their role in disease prevention.

🔹The germ:-which is the core of the seed where growth occurs,it houses the healthy fat, Vitamin E,B Vitamins, phyto-chemicals and antioxidants.

🔹The endosperm:-which is the interior layer that supplies carbohydrates, protein, and small amount of some B Vitamins and minerals.

🔹The various component parts and their health benefits on our bodies.

🔸The phyto-chemicals and the essential minerals such as magnesium, selenium and copper found in whole grains may help to protect against some cancers.

🔸Fiber helps in preventing the formation of small blood clotting that can trigger heart attack or strokes.

🔸Fiber equally helps to lower cholesterol as well move waste through the digestive tract.

🔸The bran and fiber slow the breakdown of starch to glucose, which means having a steady blood sugar levels, with this mechanism of slow breaking down of starch rather than causing a sharp spikes, ensures balanced sugar level within our body system.

🔹The evil of milling.

Milling a whole grain trips away the bran and germ leaving only the soft, easy to digest, – endosperm.

The milling industry maintained that without the fibrous bran,the grain will be easy to chew and equally the germ is removed because of its fat content,so as to increase the life span of the processed grains.

This resulting in highly processed grains that are much lower in nutritional quality and values.

Know your health human rights, always ask for a diet rich in food nutrients found in:

🔹Whole Grains.

🔹Fruits And Vegetables.

🔹 And Healthy Fish.

Until we meet again in the concluding part,see you on top.

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