Optimism: An Health Healthy Medicine For Longevity.

In August 27,2019 after a decade of research,A new study link optimism and a prolonged life.”this study had Strong public health relevance because it suggest that optimism is one of such psychosocial asset that has the potential to extend the human lifespan” explained lewina Lee,PhD, clinical research psychologist at the national center for PTSD at VA Boston and assistant professor of psychiatry at BUSM.

This study contribute to scientific knowledge on health asset that may protect against mortality risk and promote resilient aging.

Optimism as an health healthy asset that help us get rid of anxiety, disappointment, unhappiness, obstacles, adversity from life.whenever we look through the mirror of failure we usually feel sad,our energy level decreases,we feel lonely, helpless and deprived.

But life is not design to be on a straight path, there are bound to be ups and downs no matter how careful we choose to be, challenges at times may be inevitable.

Taking a look at the other side of the mirror,we see hope,we believe that whenever the wheel of life turns,it will surely bring another phrase,the phrase that comes with the opportunity to smile again,if you have lost anything in the past, this is the phrase to get it back,the power of belief,the force of faith which allows energy to flow.

If  being optimistic surely has a positive end,of what important  is following a leader who has practically nothing to offer.what does optimism hold for the future?

🔹 Its gives energy and strength to reach your goal.

A man of purpose.

A man of purpose don’t die, though they may die physically but their achievement still speak for years after them.living to see your tomorrow from the present moment,gives you the inner strength for longevity, you endure pains, master obstacles,stay focus, discipline, building seif-values,such people have the blessing of nature through their patience.

🔹An optimist sees differently.

Optimist sees differently

Not all the eyes that are open sees, some people’s eyes have been closed although the physical eye still Functions,optimist has an energy flow in their eyes that make him sees what others don’t see, when others see obstacles and failures, he sees opportunities and possibilities that can lead to another outcome, – solution, optimists usually have what they see.

🔹 They think differently.

Thinking approach.
Their reaction to life situation is different, they always take different approach to life-issue  because of their thinking method, some think that they are mad, others believe they are insane, while some say they are stubborn,but their outcome justifies them as right.they have a thick skin to tolerate criticism, that is why most of them are entrepreneurs, explorers, investors, adventures,they all have certain things in common: they are compulsive learner,- learning how things can work better.

🔹 They have a larger mind.

It takes a large  mind to build
The best part of being optimist,is that they easily forget the negatives,or how can we explain the process that lead to the invention of the energy bulb,after 1000 times of failed attempts,the inventor got it right at the 1001 times,he called the whole process an experiment that make him to Learn 1000 ways on how things doesn’t work. optimist displays such a warehouse-like-mind.

🔹 They don’t give up easily.

Optimist don’t give up early.

They have trained their mind and disciplined their body, they look up to the reward of their labor,after all  what will be the benefit of labor if there isn’t any form of incentives, they consider the reward of labor bigger than what they may be going through presently,their philosophy of life is simple:the outcome result will compensate them for their hard work,so they work through the hardship with this insight.

🔹 They have a calm attitude.

A Settled mind.

In the face of challenges they display calmness, they have a settled spirit, looking onward, they know that at the end of every tunnel there Will be light.

🔹They don’t advertise failure, thereby looking for people’s sympathy.

Optimist don’t celebrate failure.

They have a way of counting failure as part of successful movement and process,such people  can call 1000 times of failures and disappointments,”an experiment“,for the invention process that gave us the energy bulb, they have such an immunity against failure that whenever failure come they seem not to notice it.

🔹Their opinion is different from that of the general public.

Public opinion.

They don’t share the general idea, they have their own opinion about the situation at hand,this make people to call them all sort of names, and they are pratical about it,their working movement and gesture are completely different from others.

🔹They tend to possess the 6th Sense.
Optimist activate their 6th Senses.

All human have the sense of touch,smell, sight,taste and hearing, optimist tend to have an extra sense called the 6th Sense, which makes them to be in line with nature,they know the direction of nature’s movement, that is why some believe they are spiritual being, they earn this extra sense from calmness,hard work, commitment and their medication to offer better service to humanity.

This is surely a place to be,this is where everyone should be, but unfortunately there is no enough space for everyone there.

Until we meet again in the next article,see you on top.

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