How can I create a healing space for my general well-being? financial health matter (4).

Surely the right surroundings and environment have the capacity to promote our well-being,our sense of looking, listening, smelling and feeling may help us feel less stressed.

“The brain research study revealed that our mind and body continually communicate” according to Esther Sternberg,M.D,a rheumatologist and medical researcher from Bethesda Maryland.

In this article we shall be looking at how our surrounding can influence our well-being in a powerful ways.

🔹The Difference between healing and curing.

Healings is quite different from curing in the sense that curing is the physical recovery from sickness or disease.

Whereas healing can be thought of as restoring a person to a  sense of wholeness- emotionally, mentally and when possible physically, which make it much more deeper than curing.

A person Experiencing lifestyle stress can be healed as can a person receiving treatment for other ailment.

🔹The relationship between stress and healing.

🔸 Stress may contribute to illness.
There are many kinds of Stress, physical, psychological and physiological.when Ang of these kind of Stress become chronic,they may end up harming the body, chronic Stress can contribute to illness and make it harder for a sick person to recover.

🔸 Stress may kill the nerve cells .
Over a period of months chronic stress can kill the nerve cells through the action of the hormone cortisol which may result in impaired memory and concentration in susceptible individuals.

🔸 Stress may blunt the immune cells.
Chronic streess and the stress hormones that accompany it may dampen the immune response and blunt the ability of the immune cells to do their job of fighting infection and healing wounds.

🔸 Stress may accelerate aging.
Chronic Stress is also believe to accelerate some aspects of aging,in this way when Stress response is continually activated it end up damaging the body and mind in a significant ways,at times with a lasting effect.

🔹 How can my surroundings contribute to stress.

A variety of element in our environment can promote Stress, Activities such as loud noise,air pollution, lack of sunlight,lack of walking opportunities,etc.A medical research revealed that if you spend a lot of time in dark,cramped, crowded quarters where noise is constant you will be stressed.

If you are socially isolated,far from friends and family, you will be stressed.
In a cases like these your immune system is burdened, which can slow the healing process.

🔹 How can our surroundings promote wellness.

Some relevant study suggest that our surroundings may help us heal in one or more of the following ways.

🔸By lifting our mood.
🔸By boosting the immune system.
🔸By decreasing the stress response.
🔸By reducing pain.
🔸By changing our expectations.
This last point is also know as placebo effect, which account for over 30% of the effect of ang intervention.

🔹 How our sense of sight help to heal us.

According to  a landmark study of patients recovering from gall bladder surgery showed that patients who enjoyed views of nature from their rooms left the hospital a full day sooner than patients with views of brick walls, suggested reason for this healing effect: exposure to sunlight creates Vitamin D, which plays a key role in boosting the immune system.

Relevantly, another research suggests that full spectrum sunlight can reduce symptoms of depression and improve mood.
The studies of patients hospitalised for depression,those in bright, sunlight rooms left the hospital two to three days earlier than those in dim rooms.

Viewing an interesting scene may also produce a positive mood and help us shift from a stressful mode to one of relaxation, certain scenes are graded as beautiful or preferred, examples are mountain view, a horizon,a forest or stream according to research study.
One professional argument hold that when you view a beautiful or dynamic scene,it stimulate a region of the brain that contain a high density of endorphin(hormone) receptors,Producing a feeling of pleasure.

🔹The sense of touch.

In different ways each of our sensory organ may contribute to our healing,the research on premature infants,for those who received massage or soothing touch absorbed more nutrients from food and gained more weight than other infants.this effect is due in part to the relaxation response of the vagus nerve which orchestrates digestion.

🔹The sense of sound.

Sound may also calm, science who studied the effect of music on the brain discovered that certain part of the brain associated with the reward pathway become active when people listen to the music they enjoyed.
The brain downshift to relaxation mode in which the heart beats more slowly.

In some studies of patients recovering from surgery, music even slightly reduce  pain intensity, when paired with medication that level of pain relief could be significant.

🔹The sense of smell.

Scents may produce a relaxing effect, familiarity calm the central nervous system, some specific scent may foster healing,fragrant oils such as CBD Oil for example have been shown to ease pain,improve mood and induce sleep.

Until we meet again in the next article,see you on top.

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