The health benefits of gratitude- financial health matter (3).

Happiness is a global currency which everyone can’t do without, whenever this volatile force is in place, life become so great and excited. is happiness indeed bigger than life as speculated from some quarters? no matter how much of it you have, people will  want some more, what on Earth make this commodity so unique that the more of it you have,the more you still crave to get?

Have you ever pause to think about this? what is it that create happiness or most we assume that it is something that happens Naturally?what is the real mechanism behind this beautiful commodity ? Simply, someone paid for it, in reality someone   have to pay the price for happiness to be made, it’s never a free commodity, happiness has a price tag.

Two major players are involved,the one who pays the price and the one that receive what has been paid for,the recipient, so whenever you sport Mr happiness in action, always remember that there is someone, somewhere that we need to tell:thank you.

In this article we should focus on the mechanism behind the scene of happiness, what grateful people see that others don’t observe,and some other relevant questions that can make us a happy person and that which can help to reduce our stress level,as an happy person is an healthy person.

If you want to find true happiness,than it is time to learn the language of thankfulness, grateful people see what others don’t observe, they take an approach that make them to be aware of the positive things around them,in other words they have an eye for the positives which subsequently have an health benefits.

🔹The health benefits of being thankful.

Grateful people have higher energy levels, they feet more active and alert about their surrounding,their overall stress levels are low as well, research shows those individuals have a calmness as well as energy that can short-circuit the stress response which leaves them less susceptible to stress-related diseases.

At the time of stress grateful people go through a gratitude drill, they pick a starting point,for example when  being stuck in traffic, rather than been fuss, they look out for gratitude opportunities, saying to themselves,I am thankful to be alive to see such traffic,this is not made possible for the dead but the living.

At home, whenever there is a quarrelling between them and their spouse, grateful person suddenly calm down to realize he has a spouse that other don’t have and that they can disagree to agree again,didn’t that sounds great! there is a time to quarrel  between couple because they are coming from different background and so they view things differently, despite being human we all don’t think the same way.

Grateful people realize that it is not all about the source of the quarrel but that each human being is unique and thinks differently- learning to know their individual differences.some are weak while other may be strong but we are never made the same way,grateful people look inwardly

It is better to have someone in your life that you can quarrel with rather than staying single,it takes responsible to manage home,a single unmarried mature adult will never know what it takes to manage a home,no matter how knowledgeable he may be, because he has never been into is an institution.

So if you have one institution and you fail to handle it well,it will be a real disappointment, ladies and gentlemen Solomon in the Bible had 1000 of such marriage institutes and he managed about you with just one. there is no excuse to fail.

🔹Is it possible to really learn to become a grateful person?

Some people are grateful by nature but it is possible to cultivate gratitude through keeping daily journal, keep a record of those things or the people in your life that you are grateful for,in one study people were ask to do this for two or three weeks but they keep doing it after the study ends.they were checked back six months later to find out that they are still keeping the gratitude journal.

🔹 what type of gifts elicit gratitude?

To experience gratitude we need to perceive and aknowledge that some person did something that cost some effort, they really wanted to please is not a question of how much the gift cost but their intention to be a blessing to us.

What elicit gratitude is that the person is really thoughtful about us and our well-being, about what we would like,our concern is their concern,so we feel esteemed by their gesture of kindness.

🔹 Should we expect gratitude for gifts we give?

We often have expectations that people will be overwhelmingly grateful to us for our act of kindness to them,for this we expect gratitude,we may even demand it but since we don’t have control over other people’s reaction, these expectations or demand may be a recipe for disappointment,we can’t control the reaction and the action of others towards us.

🔹Why are grateful people unique?

🔸 What grateful people have is the ability to minimize the negatives and extract the maximum from the positives, they really have an eye for the positives,they focus on how they are fortunate,the opposite approach is to focus on resentment and deprivation,on loss,on a sense of entitlement and deservedness.

🔸 There is no denying the fact that there is adversity in life but grateful people can frame their experiences to  extract maximum  enjoyment from a very limited or minimum opportunity, a kind of deep attitude

🔹 When is a good time to start practicing gratitude.

A lot of people think that happiness or gratitude or joy depends on life circumstances that is if only you got a raise or a new house, but you can make the decision right now to try to be grateful.when you Practice this,the benefits magnify and  eventually it become automatic.

To say:thank you wouldn’t cost you anything, already someone else has paid the price.someone should be thank for your food, shelter, security and transportation,if not for the computer we may probably not get to know each other, this take a lot of effort from others.

Someone should be thank for good drinkable water,for the Wells, reservoirs,dams treatment plants all been attended to by others.

How can one looks around and not see abundant reason for gratitude.

Till we meet again in the next article,see you on top.

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