How can I calm my financial fear? financial Health matter (2).

Whatever doesn’t kill you should make you stronger in life,life is a race,the end determines who wins in the race of life,so why judging yourself from the beginning of the race.

A financial successful person is not the one who never fails, stop measuring yourself or life with the rich and the affluent, you are not on the same stage of life, they never face what you face in life, you are not on the same polarity in Life,the Instagram of life doesn’t give us the same followers.

Learn whom you are and not what others are saying about you,no one can know you better than yourself, failing at a task does make you a failure in life.

Fear always has a role to play,to make you panic,to arrest your confidence,to make you feel helpless and worthless and above all to make see the negative side of a good endings.

Fear is good because it makes only the very few victors,on the other end it makes so many its victims,who can save them?it induces stress which is not good for our overall health.

My job in this article, is to help reduce your fear,to make see the positive side of fear,to boost your confidence,to make you realize that animals are not meant for success but human in which you are not exempted.

So take a deep breath and let us follow the vehicle that can take us to the positive side of fear which demands responsible.

šŸ”¹ Turning on the good news and turning off the bad one.

The good news is there is nothing special about problems including financial Crisis,stop focusing on the Crisis, that is the bad news,it is time to to turn it off,the more you look at it the fearful you are, count it as a challenge,if you want to be successful in the game of Life expect challenges.

Turn your attention to something positive, there countless better things to think about than your source of warrior,locate them,note that your anxiety and worries wouldn’t change anything but rather worsen the situation.

Take more time to think about the economic benefits of your financial Crisis,no matter how bad the situation is, there is always something positive about it,take time to locate it,if you can find it that is the treasure that make you a better person, that automatically put you in a better position to teach others.

Imagine this, when you easily give up, who will be in position to teach others in similar situation, your giving up today will automatically ruin their chance for a better tomorrow, imagine how many life could be impacted positively.

You are in that situation because you can offer solution both for yourself and the generation that is attached to you, that is the legacy.

šŸ”¹ Face the facts.

Try to identify the source of the problem rather than running after the effects,It may seem easier to pretend that everything is fine but you need to know the problem source.

Ignoring bills or retirement account statement is not healthy way of dealing with the problem and can actually cause more tress,so it is time to sit down and identify the problem areas such as job insecurity,a depleted saving account,high credit card debt etc.

Also take stock of your monthly expenses (financial outflows), both the necessities and luxuries, and your monthly income (financial inflows) what is coming in for you financially,with all these assessments the fact will be made easy.

šŸ”¹ Making a plan(action step).

Once you have figure out where you stand, write down your action plan, maybe it includes cutting spending on non-necessities,updating your resume in case you need to look for a job or talking to your bank or credit card company about payment options or interest rates.

šŸ”¹ Reaching out to friends and family.

When faced with a stressful situation, research has shown friendship or familyties to be highly important, it is often helpful to realize that you are not alone,try to get together with friends and family regularly,you don’t want to dwell on the financial Crisis but talking to other does help lend perspective and you may even get some good ideas on how to weather the storm.

šŸ”¹ Don’t focus on the problem.

Once you have put your plan into action, stop dwelling on what might go wrong.remind yourself that you have done everything you can to take care of your financial future.

šŸ”¹ Remember your area of strengths.

No matter what comes your way including your financial Crisis, you have what it takes to deal with it inside of you, have you ever thought about why Adam,the first man knew that Eve his wife were made from him after a very deep sleep.

Who told him that the first woman created was made from his very bone after he woke up? that is the kind of being we are, that is our make up, there is something within us bigger than our present and future challenges,locate yours that is your area of strength.

šŸ”¹ Seeking a professional financial advice.

Assessing your finances alone can be overwhelming, don’t be afraid to contact a credit counselor or financial planner if you will need help.

šŸ”¹Stay Health and thrifty.

Exercise can be fantastic and free way to relieve stress, you can go for a walk and invite a family member or friend to go with you, dinners at home can be less expensive and healthier than restaurant meals and cooking with your love one can be an enjoyable Activity.

Always remember that staying calm will help you think rationally about your finances.

Till we meet again in the next article,see you on top.

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