What neutralizes bad breath?

Breathing is cool, good and decent, it’s base on nature, which equally make it healthy,as one of the characteristics of a living mammalian.it’s really ok to breath,but the problem comes  when our breathing becomes a source of concern to others, making them and the environment very uncomfortable,then there will surely be a need to look into this.

Halitosis as it’s well known could be highly embarrassing, discomforting and taking a toll on the people who suffers from this due to the fear that they may be rejected by this symptom of offensive odor, surely confidence level is attack by this plaque from which 35% of the global population suffer.

On this article we shall be taking a look at:

🔹 Symptoms of bad breath
🔹 Causes of bad breath.
🔹The basic fact about halitosis.
🔹 Some home remedies for bad breath.
🔹 Tips on mouthwash.

Symptoms of bad breath:

🔹 Bleeding gums
🔹Bad taste in the mouth
🔹 Exhaled breath has an unpleasant odor.

What are the causes of bad breath:

🔹 Activity of the bacteria.

Often,the underlying cause is the activity of bacteria in the month due to the breakdown of food particles in and around the teeth, which can create foul-smelling gases.

🔹 Periodontal disease.

This is the inflammation of the gums,it contribute to halitosis because saliva help to keep the activities of the bacteria in check, this process is better explained by the morning breath, since the mouth dries out during our sleep.

🔹 Xerostomia.

Certain medical conditions and medication that can cause chronic dry mouth.

🔹 Respiratory or gastrointestinal disorders.

🔹 Diabetes mellitus.

🔹 Chronic sinusitis or bronchitis.
🔹A liver or kidney ailment.
🔹 Emphysema.

Other contributing factors including smoking, alcoholic drinks and other food sources like garlic  and onions, those contain volatile oil that are absorbed into the bloodstream,carried to the lungs and released in the breath.

Points to take note on halitosis.

🔹Most of the bad breath are temporary.
🔹If cause by a particular food,than the problem will clear up when you stop eating the food.
🔹 People who often have a bad breath should take a stronger measures such as the self-care remedies.

Home remedies for bad breath.

mouthwashes and mints can only take temporary quell of bad breath, they can’t cure the underlying problem,the following measures are therefore suggested.

🔹 Cleaning your tongue in the proper way.

This happen to be the most effective way if properly done,the tongue microscopic hair harbor plaque and food particles that can give rise to breath fouling bacteria,the tongue can become coated with bacteria that ferment proteins and send off unpleasant odors .

Brush the surface of the tongue when you finish with your teeth in other to dislodge the culprits or use a special plastic tongue scraper sold in most pharmacies.

Choose a brush with soft bristles, stroke from the rear of the throat,as far back as you can go without gagging and gently brush outward.

For better results wet the brush with an effective mouthwash.

🔹 Brushing more often.

Brushing your teeth after each meal will improve most causes of mild bad breath, when you are done with your teeth, gently scrub the roof of your teeth, gently scrub the roof of your mouth and that of your gums.

🔹 Eating food rich in Vitamin C.

Eating fruits rich in Vitamin C such as lemons, oranges and sweet limes after every meal can prevent bad breath,it can also make the teeth healthier.

🔹 Pomegranate peels.

Make a gargle rinse using dried Pomegranate peels in water that has been boiled and then cooled.this remedy is also applicable to help treat mouth ulcers.


Clean the spaces between your teeth at least once a day.

🔹 Quite smoking.

If you smoke quite,in addition to being linked with lung and other cancers,tobacco is a major cause of bad breath.

🔹 Coriander leaves.

Chew on dried Coriander leaves,this is found effective remedy to bad breath cause by eating garlic and onions.

🔹 Hydration.

Drink more water and keeping your mouth moist will help disperse the bacteria living there, drinking at least eight glasses of water daily.

🔹 Chew a piece of licorice or cardamon.

🔹 Avoid food that triggers bad breath.

There are many common spices and foods that can cause bad breath, the obvious one includes garlic, anchovies, onions and anything containing alcohol.

🔹 Make clean your dentures.

Take care of dentures,soak your dentures overnight in an antiseptic solution.

🔹 Drink unsweetened herbal tea.

Learn More.

🔹 Getting regular dental check ups .

Have your teeth examined and cleaned periodically by your dentist or a dental hygienist.

Mouthwash tips.

Mouthwash or mouth rinses has been with us for centuries, majority of the nonprescription mouth rinses are some breath fresheners,they have little effect against plaque -the thin film on teeth where decay-causing bacteria live,they don’t prevent gingivitis (the early stage of Periodontal disease).

🔹No mouthwash or other breath fresheners can take the place of thorough flossing and brushing,as well as semiannual visit to the dentist.

🔹 Don’t overuse rinses.a tablespoon or two should do.swish it around in your mouth for about 30sec, never swallow rinses,don’t eat or drink for half an hour after use.

🔹If you simply want temporary breath freshening, nearly any mouthwash will do,the effect can last to up an hour.

See you on top.

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