Is kiwi fruit good for you?

Healthy source of Nutrition.

The growing popularity of kiwi fruit can be attributed to an amazing blend of flavors, appearance and the health benefits its provide.

Kiwi Fruit or Chinese gooseberry (actinidia deliciosa) as it was foundly called in China, are now cultivated worldwide due to its success story,what really make this tropical fruit unique?

Kiwi Fruits are small fruit that is packed with a lot of natural flavors and plenty of health benefits,its green flesh is sweet and tangy,full of nutrient like Vitamin C, k & E,folate and potassium,rich in antioxidants, good source of fiber and low in calories.

If kiwi fruit can naturally possess such an amazing health healthy asset,than taking a close look at this wonderful Fruit will surely help digest its health benefits.

The health benefits of kiwi fruit:-

🔹May help to promote healthy weight loss.

A 100 grams of serving of kiwi fruit has about 61 calories and 15 grams of carbohydrates, certainly a small kiwi fruit stores a treasure of nutritional Surprises,it help to promote weight loss by reducing hunger pangs,the present of fiber help to promote the feeling of fullness and its zero cholesterol make it equally amazing.

🔹May help in promoting digestion.

The delicious source of fiber in kiwi plays a vital roles in promoting digestion and maintaining instestinal health,it is an excellent source for the treatment of constipation most especially among the elders.

The enzymes present in it helps in breaking down of protein content which improves the digestive capability.

🔹May help to improve sleep quality.

The flavonoids present in the fruit such as naringenin,quercetin rutin,catechin and epicatechin help to modulate the sleeping inducing receptors.the peel of kiwi is a potent ingredient in the development of a natural sleeping aids.

For people suffering from sleeping disorder,the health experts has advised that eating one or two kiwi fruits just before an hour of going to bed can help improve the condition within few days.

🔹may help manage blood pressure.

The bio- active compounds or components present in kiwi fruit help lower the blood pressure levels in the body,in this way it help to prevents the risk of certain conditions caused by high blood pressure such as stroke and heart attacks.

🔹may help reduce blood clotting.

According to a study, consuming kiwi fruit on daily basis help Reduce the risk of blood clotting,this effect of the fruit on the blood vessels prevents the risk of thromboembolic and cardiac disorder like atherosclerosis.

🔹may help to control diabetes.

Kiwi is high in an important nutrients and low in glycemic index, this is a ranking associated with the amount of carbohydrates on foods and it’s effect on the blood glucose study concluded that kiwi having a low Gl( glycemic index) is suitable for diabetes patients.

Another study conducted on kiwi extracts demonstrated that the intake of this fruit help to prevent diabetes, adding that the dysfunctioning of adipose tissue in the body is a strong indication for the development of insulin resistance and diabetes in the body.

🔹May help to strengthen the immune system.

Regular consumption of kiwi fruit help in fighting seasonal infections and other ailments which is due to its anti-microbial and anti-fungal components.

Researchers had found that extracts form kiwi fruit kill various bacteria and thus led to improvement of the Immune system.

🔹May help to reduce stress.

A study shows that regular consumption of kiwi fruit increase the percentage of antioxidants which are quite essential for reducing oxidative stress.

🔹May help in preventing respiratory problems.

Researchers had found kiwi to be important in the treatment of asthma due to the great antioxidant and Vitamin C content in it,help to improve lung function and prevent wheezing among the children,help in reducing the cold and flu symptoms and other respiratory tract infections.

🔹May help to protect from ageing.

Naturally kiwi fruit is a good source of vitamins such as Vitamin C,A,E & k,rich in antioxidants, these compounds shield the skin against the harm of free radicals which are the underlying factors of pre-ageing.

🔹 According to some eye specialist, daily consumption of one kiwi fruit can avoid common eye disorders like macular degeneration.

Note of caution:
People with acids reflux disease should please consult with their doctor before consuming kiwi fruit.

What do you think of kiwi fruit?

Until we meet again,see you on top.


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