What are the best ways to handle stress?

Stressful moment.

It is estimated that as many as 75-90% of all visit to primary care physician are stress-related, dealing with tress is difficult,but in most cases,it is possible to learn how to manage stress.

Stress on the job is often a serious problem,to help manage daily streess on the job,it is important to learn how to manage time efficiency and learn how to deal with conflicts and difficult situations.whenever tension is elevated, stress often result.

Stress management techniques.

Stress management techniques that may be beneficial include the following:-

🔸 Engaging in physical Activity.

Doing physical exercise even if it is targeted and short can do wonder for the brain,it can improve the brain’s cognitive performance, problem solving ability and even boost long time memory.

A 15 min run which make you sweat can really refresh you of 10 hours heavy working, even when tired it can refuel and replenish your body.

🔸 Train your brain to be more calm and quiet.

Try to meditate for 10 minute each day,it doesn’t require a lot of time and it can help you deal better with the thousand of random thoughts that occupy you throughout the day and contribute to your feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Think about it as a mental hygiene that take just minutes but can have long-term positive effects on how your brain function.

🔸 Getting enough sleep.

People suffering from insomnia are considered to have a significantly higher risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and heart attack, according to recent study published in the European heart journal found that those experiencing trouble falling asleep, problem staying asleep and not walking up feeling rested in the morning are three times more likely to develop heart Failure over an 11 year period.

Diabetes has also been strongly linked to insomnia and lack of sleep.

🔸 Reduce your alcohol and caffeine intake.

If you don’t drink, you should not start drinking, you should not drink if you are pregnant, under the age of 21, taking certain medicines or have certain medical condition including heart Failure.

It is important for people with heart Failure to take in the correct amount and types of liquids because too much liquid can worsen heart Failure.

Also remember that alcohol drinks do contain calories and contribute to your daily calorie limits,the amount vary by the type of alcoholic drink.

🔸 Visit people that you love.

Harvard conducted the longest survey ever,for over 100 years to find out the people who stay the happiest. And they found out that people with really close relations and people who stay around people who love them, have been found out to be the most happiest.

Build a good relationship and stay close to people that really love you.

🔸Stop plotting a revenge.

In a busy business world, you should expect that your competitors will try and screw you,the best course of action when you face such an inevitable attack is typically found in patience, awareness and level-headedness .

Stress however encourage anger, irrationality and a desire to get revenge.

Often revenge is a distraction, hardly ever offering clear or tangible benefits,it is better to maintain your calmness,and focus on action that can deliver progress.

🔸 Using stress to becoming better.

Here is the little secret, stress can be motivating, empowering and emboldening as long as you utilise it correctly.

You can make yourself stronger and more durable by confronting stress head on and overcoming it with a rational solution.

Every time you do this you become better,by embracing this mindset stress can become something you welcome or even anticipate.

🔸 Practice turning people out.

One common source of stress is feeling like you need to listen to every opinions, instead learn to identify which people in your life possess high believability indexes, who has skin in the game or has the ability to deliver when ever you express your concern, focus on their feedback.

Everyone else you can take with a grain of salt, believe me this is key to maintaining your sanity in a noisy world.

🔸 Other factors to consider includes:-

🔹 budget your time:- avoid stressful situation whenever possible – leave on time for your work and appointments.

🔹 Eating a healthy diet.

🔹Make time for enjoyable activities- like reading, talking a walk, and spending time with friends.

🔹 Try to to focus on a positive attitude.learning to relax either on your own or through stress reduction programs, is an important part of managing stress.

Till we meet again, always stay on top,so that I can see you on top.

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