How good is body detoxification?

Detoxification is simply a way to cleanse, balance and energise our body system.a great way to kick start a weight management program or maintaining a sound fitness system.

Time to maintain good balance.

A body cleansing of toxic substance from our body, toxins are any substance that can be poisonous or cause negative health effect,this could be metal, chemicals, pollutants, artificial food ingredients, pesticides and poison that can cause harm to the body.

Top 5 reasons to detox:

🔹To remove toxins from the body.

🔹For Health Immune Function.

🔹To jump start a weight Loss program.

🔹To slow premature ageing.

🔹To increase energy.

Some of the best ways to detoxify.

Healthy Diet

🔹By eating whole foods:- real foods has no better replacement,it is purely nature’s formula to maintenance of good health, look for whole foods free of preservatives, conservative and colouring addictive, choose chemical free and varieties of purses,rice or any other grain.

Access to good water

🔹 Access to good water:- water is simply the most valuable tools for detoxification, every body’s basic function requires water,our body needs water to produce saliva,help with perspiration and equally water is needed to remove waste, drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

🔹By eating fibre rich foods:- eat alot of fibre including brown rice and organically brown fresh fruits and vegetables, beets, radishes, cabbage, broccoli etc, are excellent detoxifying foods.a juice diet is equally helpful,it should be centered around consuming freshly made fruits and vegetables juice (preferably organic).

Physical activity

🔹 increase your physical activity:-increasing your physical activities help you to sweat and sweating help release toxins through your skin,the muscle also release hormone and chemicals which relax the body and help to feel light and great.

Toxic triggers

🔹 finding your toxic triggers:- toxic build up could occur from eating too many food that don’t work for you,so find out through a control Diet pattern,what food suit your body system.

A clear air

🔹 Breathing clear air:- keep your environment clean and tidy from dust and pollutants,smoke,fumes,pet dander,moid, mildew, microorganisms can make the air in your home more toxic than the air outside,use green plant around your house especially the one which absorb toxin from the air.

Healthy fluid

🔹 fasting:- primitive but still really effective method of detoxification,by fasting the digestive system get rest.choose fasting technique where heavy deep fried food is substituted for healthy fluid.


🔹The Vitamin C Effect:- taking Vitamins C may help the body produce glutathione- a liver compound that drive away toxins, increase lemon and citrus fruits in your diet.

🔹Try as much as possible to be happy:- always do whatever makes you happy and excited,a happy mind is an healthy mind,a depressed mind is a sick mind, great work and achievement of purpose calls for sound mind, listen to good music,go for holiday,go for shopping,try as much as possible to stay away from stress.

Till we meet again, see you on top.

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