Can running slow down the effects of ageing?

The effect of physical activity.

According to a Study from Stanford University school of medicine regular running slows the effect of ageing,this study tracked 538 runners over the age of 50 and compared them to a similar group of nonrunners .

Over a 20 years span the participants (now in their 70s & 80s) answered annual questionnaires about their ability to perform everyday activities such as walking, getting out of the chair and gripping objects.

They found that:

1. Although both groups became more disabled with age,the runner’s onset of disability came 16 years later than nonrunners.

2. Proven that the health benefits of running are associated with a greater lean body mass and healthier habits in general.

3.34% of the nonrunning group had died when compared to only 15% of the runners.

4. The effect of running slowed cardiovascular death and is associated with fewer early death from cancer, neurological disease, infections and many other causes.

5.running was not associated with greater rate of osteoarthritis in these elderly runners and runners also did not require more total knee replacement than nonrunners.

This goes a long way to show that the work you are putting in today may have a huge impact on your future health.

See you on top.

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