Sport performance nutrition.

Physical activity performance nutrition.

Fuel Your Performance.

The Right nutrient source.

Giving your body the right Nutrition
can have a huge impact on your daily energy levels, Neolife has many products to support a healthy, energetic and active lifestyle.

With a variety of product from muscle-repairing protein, essential Vitamins and minerals availability in daily vitality pack,to inflammation-balancing Omega-3 Salmon oil plus, Neolife nutrition can help both high-performance athletes and weekend warriors realize their goals.


Health benefits:-

*heart and brain Health.

*Cellular Health for energy

*Optimum immune strength.

*Flexible Health joint.

*Clear Vision.

*Youthful skin, hair and nails.

*Natural anti-aging function.

Increased Immune Capacity:-

Clinical proven to boost immune capacity by 37% in 20 days.

Essential Vitamin and mineral complex:-

21 essential Vitamins

21 essential Vitamins and minerals includes exclusive plant-sourced enzymes to boost and support digestion.

Tre-En-En Grain Concentrates:-

Sources of whole grain

To enhance energy and vitality by optimising Cellular nutrition.

Carotenoid Complex:-

Help boost immunity

Clinical proven by USDA researches to protect your heart, defend your cells and boost your immune power.

Omega-lll Salmon Oil plus.

Support healthy heart

*Ultra pure high potency

*clinically proven to support heart and cardiovascular hearth.

Benefit :-

Sources of vitamins and minerals

specialized formular that provides biologically Complete protein,amino acids and and Vitamins & minerals to fuel muscles building strength and optimal performance.

Glycemic response control:-

Glycemic control

*To help support normal blood sugar levels.

*To help minimize fat storage and promote fat burning.


Maximum nutrient guarantee

*Musclesmatch TM protein blend features,an amino acid profile optimised to closely match lean muscle and promote maximum mucsle building efficiency.

*Exclusive protogard TM Process uses low temperature blending to maximize nutritional value.


Support muscle building

*Muscle building

*Repair and recovery.

*Sustained energy

*Heart Health and digestive Health.


26g of protein guarantee with milk

*26g protein (when mixed in milk).

*5.7g branched-chain amino acid (BCAAs) including 02.6g leucine for optimal muscle building and retention, 05.1g glutamine and glutamic acid to support immune strength integrity of the digestive tract.

*Biologically Complete protein with all 22 amino acids including 9 essential ones and 3 BCAAs. soy protein free.

*1.1 protein to carbs ratio to support sport activity for immediate and sustained energy.

Natural sweetener base on honey and fruits juice powder plus stevia

*whole foods based antioxidants including Vitamins c and citrus bioflavonoids

*25 balanced essential Vitamins and minerals

*plant derived energy to improve digestion.

Our promise:-

Ingredients with no addictives

*Only Gmo-free ingredients.

*No artificial colors, flavors, sweetener or preservatives

*Guaranteed to be Free of any substance currently banned by the national collegiate association, international Olympic committee and world anti-doping agency.


Support maximum endurance

*maximum endurance

*immune strength.

*Energy production

*Red blood cells formation

*cellular protection and repair

*stabilized muscle contractions


Source of Essential nutrients needed

*Necessary nutrients that are in demand for athletes and active people including anti- fatigue nutrients from beef liver,B Vitamins,iron, magnesium,trace and sea sourced minerals, Vitamin E, selenium key minerals and calcium.


Double amino acids chelation for enhanced absorption.

A 30-day supply of performance targeted Nutrition for athletes and active people, contain two (15- serving) Neolife canister, one (30-serving) box of Pro-Vitality.

Thecityofmercy and our partners may receive a portion of revenue if you make a purchase using (Our Healthy Health Care Products).

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