The number 1 causes of diet-related death globally(revealed with evidence)

One in five death globally, about 11 million people- in 2017 occurred because of too much sodium and lack of whole grains, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds,a study revealed.

Another New Study was published on April 3, was founded by bill & Melinda gate foundation, with the major aim of looking at the health effect of dietary risk in 195 countries.

Which leads to this simple question?as to which risk factor is responsible for more deaths around the world than any others ?

To answer this simple question… not smoking, not even high blood pressure, it’s simply a poor diet.

According to Ashkan Afshin,an assistant professor at the institute for health metrics and evaluation at the University of Washington,” in many countries poor diet now causes more death than tobacco smoking and high blood pressure”

According to the new study report,it was revealed that the number 1 risk factor for diet-related death in the United States is lack of whole grains,this was also true for countries such as India, Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, Russia, Egypt, Germany, Iran, turkey and for many other countries.

This didn’t necessarily mean that people were not eating whole grains but rather ate highly processed grains that has little to nothing nutritional value.

High levels of unhealthy foods,red and processed meat, processed foods, sugar-sweetened beverages,trans fatty acids and sait are considered to have health risk.

Meanwhile those healthy items includes fruits and vegetables, whole grains,milk, calcium,nuts and seeds,fiber, legumes or beans, Omega-3 fatty acids for seafood and polyunsaturated fats, good for you fat that is found in salmon, vegetables oil and some nuts and seeds.

Low intake of fruits and vegetables, Omega-3s, nuts and seeds were also among the top 10 causes of diet-related death.

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Together we can stop the trend of poor health,we shall see you on top.

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