The health benefit of omega-3s for all the pregnant women and the new parents.

As a new parent, making sure your newborn is getting the right nutrition is bound to be a priority, proper early stage nutrition is key to establishing a healthful pathway for your child.

One of the best nutrition that comes to mind during pregnancy stage is Omega-3 fatty acids, they are collection of polyunsaturated fatty acids including elcosapentaenic acids (EPA) and docosahexanic acids (DHA) that are found in fish and alpha linolenic acids (ALA) which is found in plants.

omega-3s are essentially for so many aspects of the child early growth and development, particularly for the brain,the eye and the cardiovascular system where omega-3 are really concentrated.

It is Important that pregnant and breastfeeding mother are consuming adequate amount to help provide the most benefit to their newborn.

The benefit of omega-3s can begin before birth,DHA is passed to the fetus from the mother across the placenta and it’s found Naturally in the breast milk, babies need DHA, especially during the first to second years of life.

It has been shown that the amount of omega-3s that a mother ingest directly impacts how much omega-3 is in her fetus.when a baby is forming in the womb,organs start developing at a rapid rate and good omega-3 nutrition is particularly vital to proper brain and retina development.

How do omega-3s contribute to proper brain and eyes health in fetal development, let’s focus on eyes, omega-3s are embedded in the membrane of the photoreceptors in our eyes’ retinas, this means that of all the fatty acids in the membrane of our eyes,long chain omega-3s make up approximately 60% of the total .DHA is the most important long chain omega-3 for the brain and eyes health of an infant contributing to normal eyes sight and brain function.

To obtain long chain omega-3 fatty acids health,it is recommended that pregnant or breastfeeding mom’s consume 8-12 ounch of seafood per week based on the 2015-2020 dietary guidelines for Americans.

Knowing these important role of omega-3s in fetal development many studies have sought to understand the benefit of maternal omega-3 supplementation during pregnancy and lactation.

Omega-3s play a crucial role in the formation of cell membranes throughout the body and the are responsible for the production of hormones that regulate inflammation, blood clotting and relaxation of artery walls.

one study evaluating the effect of supplementation with a total of almost 25g(2,500mg) omega-3s, during pregnancy and lactation found that supplementation favorably impacted children’s mental processing score, reflecting differences in mental development.

The benefit of omega-3 supplement during pregnancy have include enhanced infant problem solving skill, improved hand and eye coordination among children and decrease level of inflammation in mothers.

A recent study published in 2018 examined whether low plasma level of omega-3 fatty acids in Danish mother were associated with an increase risk of early preterm birth and found that women who had the lowest amount of EPA plus DHA had 10 times greater risk of early preterm birth compare to women who has the highest amount of EPA plus DHA.

Polyunsaturated fat are healthy fat because they help lower cholesterol level and reduce inflammation throughout the body,EPA and DHA are called essential fatty acids because our body doesn’t produce them, that is why it’s important to get Omega-3 fatty acids from food or from supplement.

Neolife Bar

Contain 320mh of omega-3s every delicious bar, provide from flaxseed, which is a plant source of omega-3s.

Salmon Oil Plus.

Neolife salmon oil plus was shown in a human clinical study to improve Omega -3 index scores by 38% after only 8 week of supplementation.18 additional at the end of the 8 weeks,the information index decreased by 68% .18 salmon oil plus is the first supplement of it’s kind to provide a complete source of the eight nutritionally important omega-3 fatty acids found in fish including 460 mg of EPA and 480mg of DHA per serving.

See you on top.

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