Introducing the pixielogo…a unique software that talk for it’s self…

Hi,if you are a business owner or an organization, that is willing to take your business to the next level,I have a good new for you, something you will truly be excited about. in this article…

{}.The pixielogo will be defined…

{}.The very benefits of pixielogo…

{}.walking you through some of the basic features…

{}…..and how to get yours at a low cost with some real bonuses.

Now let get started…

Pixielogo is a premium branding tools that help the users to create a beautiful and unique branding logo and graphics for business and their clients.

A powerful but yet simple cloud- base software tool that can be used quickly and easily to design proffesional logo and graphics in every niches you can think of.

If creating a stunning logo and graphics, with fully automated cloud base designing suite is your aim,I will suggest you quickly get yours…get your low price here.

What are the benefits of pixielogo…

{}.pixielogo comes with additional bonus offer,of cause you can’t beat this.

{}.pixielogo create an amazing logo and mock up under 1minute without any complicated software or monthly fees.

{}.For Creating unlimited logo and Icons in 3 simple steps.

{}.Also for creating unlimited projects and designs.

{}.Equipped with the state of the art artificial intelligence.

{}.No monthly fees is indeed involved, which makes it pretty cool.

{}.No pay per design, another great features.

{}.With commercial license included.

This and many more make it really unique and different from others,it comes with different logo options to choose from, making it possible to create a highly quality and unique branding for business

The whole process of logo and design making has been simplified with the users-friendly drag and drop interface make it extremely easy to edit and customize with relatively little effort.

Creating a high quality logo, images and vectors for yourself and as a service which you can sell to other clients

The software include a realistic mock-up to see how your logo designs will look on t-shirt, business card and Facebook fan pages

it’s come with thousand of niche specific template and a huge library of premium icons,fonts and stocks images which can be customize and use immediately.

Some of it’s basics features are…

1.unlimited fonts and fonts upload… this is unique part of the branding,it has over 902 fonts that the user can choose from and you can equally upload your own fonts as well to the pixielogo fonts other branding tool has this cool features.

2.A.I assisted logo creator… brand creation has never been this simple and easy, supply the system with few information about the brand you want to create and it will automatically find you the relevant ideas that would match the design and brand concept you want,thus pixielogo does the heavy lifting for you and it saves you alot of time.

3.Drag and Drop editor…it is intuitive and supper easy to ues,it is so user-friendly.

4.Unlimited unique icons…the major problem for most other branding tools is the limit they have on logo icons and it’s won’t take a Long time before branding for all users start to look alike.

With pixielogo the customer has access to over 1.5+million logo icons to choose from, you can easily find logo ideas from the collection based on ang keywords ,The options are truly endless.

5.Over 2000 template to go… With those templates,it’s easy to create branding from the scratch.

6.A.l mock-up creator…

It comes with a powerful A.l assisted mock-up help see what your design will look in real life settings, pixielogo will automatically generate mock-up designs for the user which includes social media banner, business cards, thumbnails, outdoor advert banners and board,just to mention few.

6.A regular monthly template…

The pixielogo team will on a monthly basis deliver winning branding ideas which can be added to the template list,it is believe that not everyone is design savvy but a little inspiration from the monthly free template and the ease of using the pixielogo, anyone can become an expert branding creator.

7.Download HQ image and vectors…

This can help download your images in several formats

8.High quality PNG.

9.High quality PDF.

10.Vector format and automatic generated brand mock-up.

No other software does this better, you can get yours for a take away price, hurry as the available discount won’t be there for long.

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